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Peter J. Pietrandrea obtained a B.A. in Political Science from Allegheny College in 1980, sole practitioner since then. Over 25 years experience in personal injury and wrongful death and no fees or expenses unless  we make a recovery.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation cases cover a variety of work injuries. Pietrandrea Law Office.


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Pietrandrea Law Office will freely summarize your Pennsylvania Workers’ compensation rights and benefits to you.

We want you to know that Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Adjusters work for the insurance companies, not you. They are about cost containment, not fully explaining to you all of the rights and benefits to which you are entitled under Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation laws. It is important to know your legal rights!

An injured worker in Pennsylvania is entitled to all reasonable medical care and treatment needed to cure or relive a specific work-related injury or continuous trauma or repetitive stress or repetitive strain injury. Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation cases cover a variety of work injuries ranging from temporary disability to total or partial permanent disability.

You should also be aware that if you were financially dependent on a deceased Pennsylvania injured worker, you may be entitled to death benefits from Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation insurance. Death benefits may be available to any dependent household member of the deceased Pennsylvania injured worker.

Pennsylvania laws can be very complex and confusing. Understanding the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation system and the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board Process will help to calm your fears and approach the medical and legal process more confidently. Peter J. Pietrandrea is very experienced and skilled in handling Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits problems. Pietrandrea Law Office offers a unique, fully integrated approach to our Workers’ Compensation injury cases. Call for your free consultation today!


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